We love being the church, and during this time we are re embracing what that means. The church has never been the building where we meet but the people of God. While we love gathered worship, our ability to be the church is not reliant on it. We will look for creative, positive and practical ways to be the body of Christ as we worship and witness into the world.

We hope this page provides you some tools and helpful information as you look to do that.

Online Church Services

Watch Now, Or Watch Later! The choice is yours.

Some of our congregations services go online with premiers or online.church platforms at a particular time. Many you can watch later and catch up on their Youtube Channels.

Follow the links below to find a service to stream.


YouTube Channel
9:30am Sunday
or balhannah.org anytime
Prerecorded worship Songs

Facebook Live

Coromandel Valley
YouTube Channel and Facebook

YouTube Channel
10:00am Sunday

4:00pm Sunday

Facebook Live
10:00am Sunday
YouTube Channel

Golden Grove
YouTube Channel
10:00am Sunday
and 6:00pm Cafe Church every second Sunday
see the website for dates
Sermon Podcast

9:30am Sunday
YouTube Channel

Hope Valley
10:30am Sunday

9:00am, 11:00am and 6:00pm Sunday
YouTube Channel

Chat from 9:30am Sunday
Sermon at 10:00am Sunday

Mitcham Hills
10:15am Sunday

Parafield Gardens
9:30am, 11:00am and 6:00pm Sunday

Facebook Live
10:00am Sunday
YouTube Channel

10:00am Sunday

9:00am, 10:45am and 6:00pm Sunday
YouTube Channel

Sunset Rock
Sermon Podcast

The Vines
Sermon Videos
Sermon Podcasts
YouTube Channel

Unity Hill
YouTube Channel

Westbourne Park
YouTube Channel
9:15am Sunday – Family Service
6:00pm Sunday – Youth and Young Adults


To add or update your online services details please email generate@sa.uca.org.au


For congregations who are not doing online services we have also created a DropBox. This will allow you to access and share your Church@Home order of services, reflections etc. Simply print and distribute.


To share your Church@Home services with others please email them to generate@sa.uca.org.au


We know that there are many questions you might have at this time and we are here to help.

Explore our FAQ’s for advice or helpful answers.

Can we hold a Church Service?

The restrictions are changing all the time and it is important for you to stay up to date with the current information. This can be found on the government website and Synod COVID Updates page.

As of 29 November face to face services, meetings, small groups, programs etc can be run in South Australia following the safe distancing rules as outlined by the SA Government.

Updates and changes as restrictions ease will be issued by the Synods Crisis Management Team. For more details on what is and is not possible at the moment please click here.

Can we celebrate Holy Communion when we are not gathered?

With the changes in gathered worship the Generate PRC and Generate Standing Committee discussed the practice of Holy Communion. This is an important part of our life together and new circumstances call for some creative and pastorally helpful solutions.  The Generate SC and PRC together made the following decision on 1st April, 2020 .

The Generate SC and PRC AGREE that, understanding the spirit in which we preside over the sacraments, we endorse any authorised person to use their best judgement in how they preside at the sacraments online during the COVID-19 health crisis.

If gathering in person for communion strict guidelines need to be maintained as directed by the CMT – “Individual cups and bread pieces/ wafers; gloves to be worn by those preparing, congregation members to use hand sanitiser before receiving Holy Communion”

What if we need a Sunday off?

The shift in worship whether it is to online services or Church@Home has created a lot of work for many Ministers, Pastors and Leaders. It is always good practice to have occasional Sundays where you are not preaching or leading, but it is especially important during this spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically taxing time.

Join another service

There are number of congregations who are doing church online. Why not invite the church to join in a particular service and share with another church that week. You could even chat about it during the week in zoom or phone small groups.

Easy Sunday

Our Easy Sunday DropBox has a number of sermons available for you. These are great for adding into your own online service and having a guest speaker share. It is also much easier to have someone from another part of SA or even the country record a message to share without the need for them to actually travel to you.


If you are not online with your services you can also check out Church@Home services in our DropBox. They include prayers and a message. You can simply print and distribute these to your congregation.

We would love to encourage you to consider how you can share and use wider resources in order to lighten your load over the coming months.

What if we do not have good internet?

While a lot of churches are looking online we know that this not the only or best solution for every church.

Many congregations are in communities without reliable internet or the skills to be able to do church online.

There is still plenty of opportunity to be church. You can use Church@Home packs to worship, make phone calls, visit in small number of people (maintaining government guidelines for distancing and numbers of people). You could also look to do a devotion or bible study together rather than a full service.

The key is to do something, anything, in order to continue your worship, connection and mission. We know that the Holy Spirit continues to move in our churches, and will continue to move in yours.