In November 2018 the Synod of South Australia voted to form a non Geographic Presbytery which is now called Generate presbytery. This presbytery stretches across the span of the South Australian Synod with any congregations or non congregational ministry agents able to choose to join Generate.

This was formed to:

  1. Vigorously pursue the Great Commission
  2. Strongly encourage effective mission and discipleship that leads to conversion growth, disciples being made, leaders being empowered, churches being planted and churches being renewed and growing.
  3. Passionately stimulate Gospel renewal in the Uniting Church, starting with congregations, who are the embodiment in one place of One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
  4. Hold the position that marriage is the covenantal relationship of one man and one woman.

(quoted from the proposal 28, November 2018 Synod meeting and affirmed through the Generate Standing Committee Minutes in at Generate’s September, 2019 meeting)


While Generate will hold to a traditional view on marriage we will continue to focus on the core things that God is calling us to as a presbytery-seeing people come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Grow as Passionate Disciples

Raising Courageous Leaders

Seeing Churches Planted and Renewed

This is our core business.


As a Presbytery we have oversight of ministers, congregations, involvement in the selection and formation of candidates for ministry and much more, We are enthusiastically engaging with our responsibilities and mission together and are seeking God to move in us, our congregations and our communities – all for His Glory.